100% Natural Birdnest Wholesaler,
direct source

Established since 2003, Hi Tang has been supplying birdnest to Singapore Retail shops for many years. Operating Swiftlet houses in Kalimantan in Indonesia, our nest are harvested under controlled condition by natural occurring swiftlets in the area.

Cleaning Process

Nest cleaning is a very important and time-consuming process. A great deal of care is taken during the cleaning of nests. Nest cleaning is usually performed by means of the conventional cleaning process.

Our Birdnest go through a labour intensive 5 tier cleaning process to filter out any dirt or feathers.

Generally, the harvested edible bird’s nests consist of impurities like sand, feathers, egg shells, etc. The conventional cleaning process involves the immersion of nests in water and allowing them..


Our farm

Our swiftlet house replicated natural condition of a cave where swiftlets like to stay and nest, ensuring their safety and sustainability with precise placement of bird holes to follow the swiftlets’ natural flight path.