Cleaning Process

Nest Cleaning is a very important and time-consuming process. A great deal of care is taken during the cleaning of nests. Nest cleaning is usually performed by means of the conventional cleaning process. Our Birdnest go through a labour intensive 5 Tier cleaning process to filter out any dirt or feathers. Generally, the harvested edible Bird’s Nests consist of impurities like sand, feathers, egg shells, etc. The conventional cleaning process involves the immersion of nests in water and allowing them to swell. This enables an easy separation of the large feathers from the nest matrix by using forceps. However, care must be taken regarding the elution of the water soluble nutrients in birdnest. Our nest are semi dry pick, meaning the nest are not fully submerged in water during cleaning to retain the taste and nutrition of the nest. 


After cleaning process, the separated strands of bird nest and broken filaments are arranged to make nest cake by molding. The shape of the mold could be in leaf shape, round or square, and it depends on the producer’s preference. This is followed by drying of the nests. The drying involves the use of fan or the nests are simply air dried. Our raw bird’s nests are chosen from controlled environment to avoid the presence of any heavy metals or other biological contaminants.




All our workers are skilled and well trained under the supervision of an expert. High grade reverse osmosis water is used to ensure the cleanliness, and preserve the natural flavour and nutrients of the nest.

Processed bird‘s nests are dried in oven (no fan drying) until the right moisture content is achieved. Besides, implementation of the stringent quality control protocols for the end products will allow better grade of bird’s nest.

Our knowledge in the food processing technology, some of the requirements which are stated below should be implement in the bird’s nest cleaning industry. This will surely allow a better and healthy growth for the industry and increase the quality of the nests, since the public become more concerned we aware of the food they consume.


10 Ways to Spot Fake Birdnest

Here are the 10 most reliable method to tell if you have purchased a genuine or fake bird’s nest.

1. Transparency A real bird nest looks semi transparent while a fake bird nest will not be transparent at all, some may even appear to have a reflective surface from the chemicals applied onto it. Some use pork skin or tree sap in Thailand to fake it.

2. Fragility The biological make-up of a real bird’s nest is such that, when you crumble it between your fingers, the nest breaks down into small specks or dust-sized pieces. A fake bird nest will break into large chunks. 

3. Shape and Appearance Real bird’s nest have no distinctive shape, occasionally you may also be able to spot small feathers stuck within the fibres. Whereas for fake bird’s best, it has a bumpy surface and look identically uniform and sometimes with slight smell of medication. 

4. Absorptivity It is a common practise to soak bird’s nest for a couple of hours before cooking it. The real bird’s nest will bloat to about twice its original size while a fake bird nest will show no significant growth in size. There may even be foreign particle appearing after soaking a fake bird nest.

5. Post-soak shape: Fake nests are more uniform. After about 30 minutes of soaking it, a real birdnest transform into a gelatinous, formless shape. The fibers of the nest will be somewhat visible, but not nearly as uniform as they were when they were dry. You may also find a feather or two; this is completely normal. Fake bird’s nests will maintain a uniform shape during the soaking process and will have a minor chemical or fatty/fried smell. The surface of the fake bird’s nest will be bumpy.

6. Coloring After soaking the bird’s nest, a genuine bird nest will have its water clear throughout the soaking process while the fake bird nest will shown signs of decoloring into the water due to artificial coloring.

7. Foams Place the bird nest in a bowl of water and stir it, real bird’s nest will cause foam to appear on the surface of the water while the water remains clear throughout. A fake bird’s nest will not show any foam on the water surface, the water will instead become murky and cloudy.

8. Structural Observation Under Microscope Use a microscope if you have one to see the patterns of the bird nest’s fibre. A pure bird nest will look unevenly structured while a fake bird nest will look coarsely distributed and transparent (neater fibres).

9. Fake Bloodnest Arguably the most prized bird’s nest type is the blood nest, a red bird’s nest thought to be colored by blood in the swiftlet’s saliva which is untrue. Once your soak is done, the real red bird’s nest will retain its blood-red color. The red coloring of a fake bird’s nest will bleed into the water, a sign that artificial colors were used to tint the nest.


About us

Established Since 2003, Hi Tang has been supplying Birdnest to Singapore retail shops for many years. Operating Swiftlet Houses In Kalimantan and Samarang, Java and Lingga Island in Indonesia, our nest are harvested under controlled condition by natural occurring swiftlets in the area. Our nest are produced by Aerodramus Fuciphagus, a species of swiftlets that produce white bird nest. They can only be found in the South East Asian region. Our farming houses are specially designed and constructed of for accommodating such swiftlet populations.

hand pick

Our urban farms are located in the rural area of Kalimantan, Samarang and Lingga, away from pollution and surrounded by clean and fresh air that results in top quality Birds Nest where swiftlets are allowed to roam free and build their Bird’s Nest. Our Superior Bird’s Nest contains minimal impurities, often being at least 95-98% edible upon harvesting.

Compare to cave harvested nest that endanger young swiftlets by collecting the nests prematurely, Hi Tang practice sustainable farming where only mature nest are picked. House farming are also healthier with lesser impurities, compare to a cave environment, the nest may mixed with minerals or co-exist with other animals like bats which poised a health risk. From farms to cleaning process, our end to end production cuts away the middlemen, thereby offering the best competitive pricing in the market. 

Our Semi dry picking and 5 tier hand cleaning process retains all the nutrition and taste of the birdnest while thoroughly cleaned out all the impurities. Our Kalimantan natural bird nest is the cheapest in the market. Just do a search online and you”ll know how cheap we are selling.

We also offer 100% Money Back if you find our product to be fake.



Why is our birdnest so cheap?

HITANG Birdnest is a wholesaler with birdnest houses in Kalimantan and other Riau Island. Our Birdnest are tax free. When you buy from us, you bypass the middleman. We operate our own farm with ease of harvesting. No retail rental cost. We use local workers. We don’t spend money on advertising or branding. We use third party delivery service to reduce cost. We use generic packaging design to package our bird nest. We operate on a 5% margin.


We have been a wholesale supplier for over 14 years. Our product can be authenticated in any TCM shop. All our birdnest are hand cleaned and processed. No artificial, chemical or preservative are used in our birdnest. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% money back guarantee if you found our bird nest to be not genuine


We offer Cash on Delivery and paypal payment. Welcome to check stock before paying.

Farm harvested Bird Nest vs Cave-harvested Bird’s Nest

Cave-harvested Bird’s Nest contain many impurities due to the uncontrolled cave environment. Many cases of bleaching occur to give it the pristine “white” colour while speeding up the cleaning process. Besides, cave bird nest are exposed to the risk of heavy metals contamination from external environmental factors. So, consume cave bird’s nest at your own risk! Our house harvested Bird Nest located in rural location surrounded by clean and fresh air results in top quality Birds Nest where swiftlets are allowed to roam free and build their Bird’s Nest resulting in minimal impurities, often being at least 95-98% edible upon harvesting.


We offer free delivery in SIngapore. 


For reseller or those ordering big quantity, please email us at hitang2003@gmail.com for more discount.