About us

Established Since 2003, Hi Tang has been supplying Birdnest to Singapore retail shops for many years. Operating Swiftlet Houses In Kalimantan and Samarang, Java and Lingga Island in Indonesia, our nest are harvested under controlled condition by natural occurring swiftlets in the area. Our nest are produced by Aerodramus Fuciphagus, a species of swiftlets that produce white bird nest. They can only be found in the South East Asian region. Our farming houses are specially designed and constructed of for accommodating such swiftlet populations.

hand pick

Our urban farms are located in the rural area of Kalimantan, Samarang and Lingga, away from pollution and surrounded by clean and fresh air that results in top quality Birds Nest where swiftlets are allowed to roam free and build their Bird’s Nest. Our Superior Bird’s Nest contains minimal impurities, often being at least 95-98% edible upon harvesting.

Compare to cave harvested nest that endanger young swiftlets by collecting the nests prematurely, Hi Tang practice sustainable farming where only mature nest are picked. House farming are also healthier with lesser impurities, compare to a cave environment, the nest may mixed with minerals or co-exist with other animals like bats which poised a health risk. From farms to cleaning process, our end to end production cuts away the middlemen, thereby offering the best competitive pricing in the market. 

Our Semi dry picking and 5 tier hand cleaning process retains all the nutrition and taste of the birdnest while thoroughly cleaned out all the impurities. Our Kalimantan natural bird nest is the cheapest in the market. Just do a search online and you”ll know how cheap we are selling.

We also offer 100% Money Back if you find our product to be fake.


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