Why is our birdnest so cheap?

HITANG Birdnest is a wholesaler with birdnest houses in Kalimantan and other Riau Island. Our Birdnest are tax free. When you buy from us, you bypass the middleman. We operate our own farm with ease of harvesting. No retail rental cost. We use local workers. We don’t spend money on advertising or branding. We use third party delivery service to reduce cost. We use generic packaging design to package our bird nest. We operate on a 5% margin.


We have been a wholesale supplier for over 14 years. Our product can be authenticated in any TCM shop. All our birdnest are hand cleaned and processed. No artificial, chemical or preservative are used in our birdnest. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% money back guarantee if you found our bird nest to be not genuine


We offer Cash on Delivery and paypal payment. Welcome to check stock before paying.

Farm harvested Bird Nest vs Cave-harvested Bird’s Nest

Cave-harvested Bird’s Nest contain many impurities due to the uncontrolled cave environment. Many cases of bleaching occur to give it the pristine “white” colour while speeding up the cleaning process. Besides, cave bird nest are exposed to the risk of heavy metals contamination from external environmental factors. So, consume cave bird’s nest at your own risk! Our house harvested Bird Nest located in rural location surrounded by clean and fresh air results in top quality Birds Nest where swiftlets are allowed to roam free and build their Bird’s Nest resulting in minimal impurities, often being at least 95-98% edible upon harvesting.


We offer free delivery in SIngapore. 


For reseller or those ordering big quantity, please email us at for more discount.

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