Our Birdnest Farm

Here’s some facts about the nature of swiftlets. Swiftlet will breed three times a year, the eggs are usually laid in pairs and then incubated for 3-4 weeks. When the baby swiftlets are large enough to fly, they will abandon the nest and usually come back to the same place to breed again. Swiftlet will build a new nest each time they breed, the leftover bird’s nest is then harvested by the human and served as edible bird’s nest.

Therefore it is vital that swiftlet farms are located in a good environment. Our farms are located in Riau, away from industrial and densely populated areas. Ideally, swiftlet houses should be situated in cool and highland areas.

The traditional way of harvesting bird’s nest is dangerous, with no safety equipment besides a helmet and rope, the harvesters risk their lives to climb up vertical cave walls and collect the nests.

Compared to traditional cave harvesting, we lure swiftlets by mimicking their natural habitat in our farm house and we harvest the nest under a controlled environment, reducing impurities while getting consistent nest shapes desired by the market. 

To lure swiftlets into houses, our earmarked areas are located along the swiftlets’ flight path, while Riau provide an environment teeming with resources for the swiftlets when they gather food.


Compare to Cave nest, nest harvested in a farm environment are safer, cheaper , less impurities and more sustainable. The area where the nest are harvested also determines the appearance and colour of the nest, resulting in difference in prices from different region. 

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