Wholesale Grade AAA Golden Birdnest Bowl 100% Natural 金丝燕窝



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Rare Wholesale Grade AAA Golden Birdnest Bowl 100% Natural 金丝燕窝, high in nutrients and minerals.

The colour comes from older nest that was left in the swiftlet houses.

Superior expandability during soaking process.
100g has about 12-14 pieces of Birdnest bowl.

Purchase in bulk to save! Guaranteed best price in the market. Reseller are welcome.

* Triple AAA Grade with at least 3 fingers in width formed naturally by the swiftlets.
* 100% money back guarantee if quality is not pure.

Great for youth retention of the skin, hair and nails. High collagen content protect our bones from daily activities.
Boost overall immune system of our body to fight against COVID 19.

No bleaching, artificial coloring, artificial flavourings, or chemicals. Bird’s Nest are manually cleaned.

Cash on delivery option available. Check quality before payment.

For order of 2kg and above, please contact hitang2003@gmail.com for bulk pricing




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