Cheapest Guarantee

We offer the cheapest wholesale white birdnest from Kalimantan. All our nest are hand washed and went through a 5 person cleaning chain to thoroughly clean it. Our nest are semi-dry picking, that is we don’t completely submerged in water during cleaning. This is to retain the nutrition value. This cleaning process is labour intensive, yet it completely preserve the natural taste of our birdnest.

Unlike other merchant whom purchase raw nest from farmer, we co-own our birdnest farm, therefore we can control the price and cut out any middlemen.  If you come across any that is cheaper than ours, 1) the nest could be from Java or Malaysia,  2) chemical is use during the cleaning process, 3) The bird nest bowl is molded using broken birdnest pieces.




Cleaning Process

Nest Cleaning is a very important and time-consuming process. A great deal of care is taken during the cleaning of nests. Nest cleaning is usually performed by means of the conventional cleaning process. Our Birdnest go through a labour intensive 5 Tier cleaning process to filter out any dirt or feathers. Generally, the harvested edible Bird’s Nests consist of impurities like sand, feathers, egg shells, etc. The conventional cleaning process involves the immersion of nests in water and allowing them to swell. This enables an easy separation of the large feathers from the nest matrix by using forceps. However, care must be taken regarding the elution of the water soluble nutrients in birdnest. Our nest are semi dry pick, meaning the nest are not fully submerged in water during cleaning to retain the taste and nutrition of the nest. 


After cleaning process, the separated strands of bird nest and broken filaments are arranged to make nest cake by molding. The shape of the mold could be in leaf shape, round or square, and it depends on the producer’s preference. This is followed by drying of the nests. The drying involves the use of fan or the nests are simply air dried. Our raw bird’s nests are chosen from controlled environment to avoid the presence of any heavy metals or other biological contaminants.




All our workers are skilled and well trained under the supervision of an expert. High grade reverse osmosis water is used to ensure the cleanliness, and preserve the natural flavour and nutrients of the nest.

Processed bird‘s nests are dried in oven (no fan drying) until the right moisture content is achieved. Besides, implementation of the stringent quality control protocols for the end products will allow better grade of bird’s nest.

Our knowledge in the food processing technology, some of the requirements which are stated below should be implement in the bird’s nest cleaning industry. This will surely allow a better and healthy growth for the industry and increase the quality of the nests, since the public become more concerned we aware of the food they consume.